Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Review Contest: Bella Andre's Candy Store

So yesterday I wrote about Bella Andre's success as an eBook publisher. She earned more than $116,000 in her first quarter. Now, to be fair, she had quite a few books under her belt and got some of the rights back to her backlist, but $116K in 3 months is astounding for anyone.

Candy Store was one of the first indie romance books I read when I joined Kindleboards and started exploring the Writers' Cafe section. I'm glad her eBook was one of my first.

Candy Store makes no pretense at being anything other than a novella with a cute story and plenty of hot sex. And that is true for many of Andre's eBooks. They are what they are - solid, engaging reads with hot leads and hotter conflicts and sex scenes.

Callie Moore is the owners of Callie's Candies, a small-town candy store in Saratoga Springs, New York. Her business is failing, though, in part due to her generous nature. She's the candy store owner who gives kids freebies and has a heart made of dark chocolate cream.

Desperate to save her business, Callie turns to The Candy King, Derek McNear, a business consultant known for turning around struggling candy businesses. A chance meeting at a wedding and one hella hot scene in a kitchen cooler leads to a hot romance that would melt the chocolate off any Lindt truffle.

What I enjoyed most about Candy Store is that it's not formulaic, yet the checklist of romantic/erotic elements is omnipresent. Sympathetic, fiery heroine? Check. Alpha male with a sensitive side? Check. Hot, semi-public locations for incredible sex between near strangers drawn to each other as if by an unseen magnetic force? Check. The Happily Ever After (or happy for now) we all want? Check.



Check out Andre's book, and if you want to take a chance on getting a free Kindle copy, just friend me on Facebook. I'll pick one of my friends randomly to win.

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