Thursday, May 5, 2011 launches Montlake Romance imprint is shifting from distributor to publisher with the creation of Montlake Romance. Publishers Weekly's article focuses on the business end of the new imprint, but what will this mean for indie publishers who write in the genre? Will Amazon algorithms favor its imprint's writers?

And how aggressive will Montlake be in pursuing new authors? According to the article:

Another insider said he thinks Amazon will likely start to “acquire big names in the editorial ranks as well as make runs at big authors.” He added: “And I think agents would sell to them, especially since they’ll probably spend big money.” Amazon has proven recently that, for the right author, it is willing to pay a lot. After St. Martin’s Press closed a reported $4 million four-book deal with self-publishing sensation Amanda Hocking, word leaked that Amazon had put in a competitive bid in an attempt to land the author.

Watching this unfold will be interesting.

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