Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bella Andre's Success Story as an Indie Publisher

The Washington post has a 5-page article about Bella Andre (pseudonym for Nyree Belleville) and her success with indie publishing. After flat sales in print, Belleville turned to Kindle in Spring 2010 and, now, is earning a healthy 5 figures per month as she uses her backlist and new books to make outstanding sales.

I want to be her.

Well, my version of her.

Belleville's is not an overnight success story. Years of print publishing, using fan mail to contact fans to help promote new books, developing a strong social media platform -- Belleville puts in the hard work.

She also writes 6,000 words per day, which I've done. My brain is currently on vacation on the Croatian island of Hvar, desperately working to recover. I can't imagine 6K/day ongoing, but if she can do it, my hat's off to her.

This is why so many romance writers are entering indie publishing. Read the entire article. It gives the ins and outs of this new frontier and also stresses that there is no happily ever after guarantee. But there is a new option, and taking the risk is key.

(Plus there's a picture of Jimmy Thomas in there. The photos from my cover for Legs are from his stock image site!)

I loved her book Candy Store - and just realized that I'll review it, here, tomorrow!

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