Sunday, February 10, 2013

A question for readers and writers

Pure curiosity: when you discover a new writer, do you prefer to find someone who has an already-written and published series out (say, 2+ books), so you can immediately go and read more of her writings, or are you more excited to find a brand-new writer who has the first in the series out?

Here's why I am asking: I'm thinking about writing the ENTIRE series featuring the South American triplets first, THEN issuing them all at the same time. 3 books, all linked to The Water's Kiss.

It means delaying the release of the first two (#1 is done, #2 is about 1/2 done), but it also means having all of the books out -- with a possible fourth, as Esteban might get his own book.

Or -- is it better NOT to sit on them, and to publish as they're done?

Give me your opinions in the comments, please!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Big FREE runs for Unfinished AND Legs Feb. 5-9!

Get ready for freebie time! In an effort to give readers who haven't read Unfinished (set in 1912) and and its sequel, Legs (set in the modern day) a chance to grab it for free on Amazon only (or, after the free run, to borrow it), I'm experimenting with a 5-day freebie run! Please spread the word, download, and enjoy!