Sunday, February 10, 2013

A question for readers and writers

Pure curiosity: when you discover a new writer, do you prefer to find someone who has an already-written and published series out (say, 2+ books), so you can immediately go and read more of her writings, or are you more excited to find a brand-new writer who has the first in the series out?

Here's why I am asking: I'm thinking about writing the ENTIRE series featuring the South American triplets first, THEN issuing them all at the same time. 3 books, all linked to The Water's Kiss.

It means delaying the release of the first two (#1 is done, #2 is about 1/2 done), but it also means having all of the books out -- with a possible fourth, as Esteban might get his own book.

Or -- is it better NOT to sit on them, and to publish as they're done?

Give me your opinions in the comments, please!

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