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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why writers should have a Goodreads account in the Author Program

While I have a long career in traditional publishing the raw, new world of eBooks is as unfamiliar to me as was a clitoris to my first husband.

So I've joined Goodreads and am enthralled. Check out my profile here.

As the manuscript and cover design for "Legs" come close to their denouement, climax, fruition - pick your word - before beginning life anew as an actual, released-into-the-wild book, I face the task of  figuring out how to get readers to my books.

(Notice how I say books? There are five in the series. "Legs" is only the beginning).

The Author Program at Goodreads helps writers to identify the right audience, build readers, interact with those most interested in the work and to help with future book launches.

Worth doing - as much as the writing, in some ways - as "Legs" will appeal to a wide range of audience but, because it is a little bit of both contemporary and historical romance, with a female lead who embraces her inner (and outer) bitch, the book needs word of mouth to gather steam.

There is plenty of steam in the book, of course. ;)

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