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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

From indie published to plushly industrious - $1M+ for Amanda Hocking

So I think I need to start writing vampire romance. Maybe I can make Jill and Derek find Hungarian roots that take them to and archive where they learn...

No. Will resist temptation on the news that Amanda Hocking, the indie author who sold more than 450,000 eBooks in January 2011 at the $.99 and $2.99 price points, is inking a deal for a 4-book series that traditional publishers will pay more than $1 million to sell.

Good for you, Amanda. And, hopefully, good for the entire indie publishing movement. Two types of books will break out of indie into traditional publishing: trendy books and truly good, strong books promoted well by a savvy writer who knows how to market. Not all authors are good at this. It's why many good books go unread.

So what's the secret to getting to that tipping point? Hell if I know. I think, though, for me, the secret is to stop writing this blog post and get to work on completing one of my mss. It's so easy to "work" without writing.

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