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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How to Upload and Sell eBooks on All Romance eBooks

So I asked around at Kindleboards and got some ideas and help from Courtney Milan, Jill Myles, Debora Geary and Liliana Hart.

That turned out to be easier than I thought! Legs on ARe.

A few minor hitches for anyone considering ARe:

1. You need an ISBN or just email ARe and they'll give you a 13-digit number you can use in lieu of the ISBN. Email them BEFORE you fill in your book forms and try to add the files! I wasted some time there LOL.

2. Your cover must be *exactly* 200 x 300. But...

3. if you're opting in for the iBookstore, THAT cover image must be *exactly* 453 x 680. So you need two cover image sizes to those exact specs.

4. Don't try uploading more than 2 file formats at a time.

5. The whole process is FAST. My book was available within 10 minutes, and I bought it, downloaded it, then checked my publisher report and saw the sale instantly. On a $.99 eBook my royalty is $.59. On Kindle it's $.35 and for Nook it's $.40.

And, UNLIKE NOOK, you can gift eBooks on ARe -- and the recipient can select the file format. Brilliant!

I'm very impressed overall. Calibre is great for converting to weird formats. So far I've done ePub, mobi, lit, prc and html. More to come!

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