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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do You Buy from All Romance eBooks?

I'm contemplating selling Legs at All Romance eBooks. The site gets about 4 to 5 million hit per months, which is strong. I can upload and sell Legs in up to 9 different formats (ePUB, HTML, PDF, etc.), which I'm assuming helps with worldwide sales, people reading on uncommon eReaders, etc.

And, from an author's standpoint, the 60% royalty structure is enticing! I earn 35% on Kindle sales of Legs and 40% on Nook sales.

But here's my concern: will I go to all the work to provide different formats and only sell a few a month on ARe? Can romance readers chime in and let me know whether they buy on ARe? I'd LOVE to be part of the pack there, but this is a time/benefit analysis.

Readers, please weigh in!

p.s. One aspect of ARe I adore is that the author can assign heat levels to books, on a scale of 1-5! Readers looking for less heat or more heat (or smokin'!) can browse by this category. LOVE IT!

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