Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Unfinished" now available on Kindle!

"Unfinished" is now available on Kindle:

IF LOVE NEVER DIES...then where does it go?

A fraudulent psychic. A soulless declaration. A father determined to disinherit her. Can love overcome all -- or will it need another generation?

Billionaire's daughter Lilith Stone never imagined she'd (almost) lose her virginity in her father's Beacon Hill garden, right under his watchful eye. Poor Southie boy James Hillman never intended to fall in love; ambition and wealth meant too much to him.

When this unlikely duo meets for the first time as Lilith's father tries to have her committed to the mental ward for a repeat performance, both find that "never" means nothing when it comes to love. As James prepares to find his fortune in the mines in Chile, Lilith struggles with the demons of her own past and a sexual proclivity that shatters known medical science assumptions.

With a cast of characters that range from a cuckolded billionaire to a beribboned chihuahua, this Edwardian tale of 1910s love -- and loss -- asks the question: If love never dies, then where does it go?

Fans of "Dead Again," "Somewhere in Time" and Possession may enjoy the story of these two souls destined to make history together.

**Note: Unfinished is a work of historical fiction with romantic elements, but it is not a "romance." Its sequel is Legs, which IS a traditional "romance." Read the books in this series in any order!**

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