Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Legs, Unfinished, and Kindle only (for 90 days)

I've decided to enroll both Legs and Unfinished in the "Select" program for Kindle. For readers who don't know how this works, enrolling both books means that they will *only* be available for Kindle, for sale on, for 90 days.

No Nook, no PDF -- just .mobi through Kindle.

90 days after I enroll them, though, I'll add them back to Nook and on other sites. For those who use a Kindle, the *great* news is that enrolling the books in Select means I can have FREE days, days when you can get the books completely free as a promotion.

Unfinished and Legs are both in the formatting stage right now (Legs has been massively revamped). Watch for more details.

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