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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sample from Chapter 8 of Legs

So here's a nice sample from Chapter 8 of Legs:

She was so tired – tired of holding it together, tired of all work, no play, tired of second-guessing how she handled things with Seth, and just tired of carrying the weight of the Munson grant on her shoulders, the expectations it brought with the award. In a quiet voice she spilled the whole story, going back to Joe's leaving her, Seth's interest, their bus encounter, the two months they spent together, his omission, and her disappearance and move to Toronto. When she mentioned Seth's moving to Chile Toby had started to say something, then stopped and let her resume her story.

“Damn, Jill, you're hardcore!” he said when she was done, his baritone resonating in his chest, her ear pressed against his neck. He pulled back from her and she could see he was surprised and a bit befuddled, as if she'd destroyed an impression he had of her.

Toby shifted in his seat, hugged her again, and asked, “How's that? Feeling better?” She nodded and he placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. The affection startled her and she pulled back, suddenly aware of the physical change in their relationship. Faltering, she started a sentence a few times and then finally blurted out, “I can't, Toby. I can't.”

A confused look filled his eyes. “It's just, you're really wonderful, but I'm not looking for anything-”

He held his hand up in a gesture that said 'stop' and answered, “If you think I'm hitting on you, then let's just get this out of the way. I'm more your ex-fiance's type than yours, honey.” He crossed his arms and let the words sink in.

“You're gay?” she asked.

“Yes, Captain Obvious. I am. But apparently you're not, and I was getting a little Gold Star lesbian vibe off you, you know? What good is a gay man with broken gaydar?”

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